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Lotusflower Yoga and Pregnancy Studio: What's So Special About it?

It’s a good question. It has to be said that yoga is very popular so what is so special about this pregnancy studio In Leigh? I guess you will always be drawn to what is most convenient in terms of location and time but if you are lucky enough to be in the area, and looking for pregnancy or post-natal yoga, then look no further. This is the place for you.

New Mum, New Yoga

I came across Lotusfloweryoga when I was pregnant and I was looking for a class that catered specifically for pregnant women. Although I had dabbled a little bit with yoga in the past, I was by no means proficient. But it didn’t matter! No experience needed, which as a first-time mum, couldn’t have been more fitting!

Dedicated Space

Lotusfloweryoga Studio is a large, spacious room dedicated to yoga and well-being. This is what sets the studio aside when compared to other classes I have been to before. How many times have you been to a yoga class and had your concentration interrupted by an aerobics class starting upstairs or a high intensity work-out in the next room?

That doesn't happen here!

You and Your Bump

Your class is focused on yoga and pregnancy; time dedicated to you and your baby. You learn how to understand your own body better, move and stretch safely with your growing bump and how to bond with your baby. The breathing techniques teach you how to relax, not only in the day-to-day of your pregnancy, but also in preparation for your labour. It is your special time away from daily commitments to relax, exercise, meditate and focus on you and your bump.

It is also an ideal time to meet other new mums-to-be. You automatically have a lot in common with a new group of people and it’s not just yoga!

Post Natal Yoga

After such a lovely experience, it feels very natural to carry on with yoga once your baby has arrived. And the mummy and baby classes give you the perfect opportunity! Taking your baby to a clean, fresh, bright space with other new mums and babies is the ideal combination. You learn how to move your body in a safe way. The exercises and movements are aimed at you and your baby together so you can get to know each other a little bit better. Communication and bonding are all part of the class.

And if your baby needs attention – no problem. Everyone completely understands! You are in good company.

The Complete Experience

It’s not one particular aspect which draws me to this studio; it’s the clean, bright, spacious room free of all the clutter of daily life. It is the knowledge and expertise of the instructor who understands your physical and emotional needs. It is the new community you are starting to build for yourself and your new baby.

It’s the whole package.

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