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Hyp Mama – Hyp Baby: What is it all about?

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

If you been following Full of Mischief on Instagram or Facebook, you will probably have seen me talking about Hyp Mama and Hyp Baby. I am a BIG fan for many reasons…all will become clear…

Hyp Mama - A Healthy Well-being

Although there isn’t a particular tale to tell, it feels like Hyp Mama is the beginning of the story. Hyp Mama is about hypnobirthing, relaxation, and preparation in pregnancy. As a new mum, Rachael set up Hyp Mama in Liverpool to offer guidance on a healthy well-being to mums-to-be in the area. Rachael is trained in KG Hypnobirthing and as a mum herself, is the perfect companion in your pregnancy and hypnobirthing experience.

The vibe is of overall positivity and that has to be a huge thumbs up for anyone!

A Home from Home

You will find Hyp Mama in the Old Police Station on Lark Lane. This building, steeped in history and character, holds a warm, comfortable, clean and above all peaceful space that is the home to Hyp Mama. It’s an environment dedicated to relaxation. It’s exactly the type of place you want to spend your time and meet other mums-to-be.

Hyp Baby - A Sensory Space

And you can spend more time there when your little one arrives. This is where Hyp Baby comes into play. By day, the room is a chill-out space for you to bond and spend time with the new addition to your family. Hyp Baby has the right mix of sensory stimulation and peacefulness.

Hyp Baby has created the perfect space for you and your baby; a calm and comfortable room with sensory toys and stimulation in a friendly and welcoming environment. It’s the type of place you can make new friends or arrange to meet-up with other parents. The options to visit are flexible so you can book ahead or be spontaneous and drop in. What more could you possibly need?

Bump to Baby Package

You can start your journey here at any point from bump to baby and you will have a warm welcome. I know I have certainly enjoyed the time I have spent at Hyp Baby so definitely recommend you try it out for yourself.

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